HLAC Accreditation is granted to an address-specific location laundry organization. If a laundry organization owns more than one laundry or several laundry organizations are managed by the same company, each laundry organization must be inspected at its specific location and Accreditation is approved for that specific location only.


If a laundry organization owns a depot(s), the depot(s) must be inspected with the laundry organization.  If a laundry organization that has a depot(s) is accredited, then its depot(s) is accredited.


HLAC Accreditation is active for three years. The HLAC Accredited laundries are listed below by date, state/country and alphabetically. Next to each laundry organization's name is the month and year their accreditation will expire. It should be noted that current HLAC accredited laundries that are due for reaccreditation can be inspected 60 days prior to and up to the expiration date of their current accreditation. If remediation is necessary, the laundry organization has 15 business days to submit its corrections (a re-inspection could be required); if a laundry organization appeals HLAC's decision regarding accreditation, it has 15 business days to submit its appeal. These circumstances allow laundry organizations' accreditation to remain active even though it is after their accreditation expiration date; however, if accredited, the actual reaccreditation date will remain consistent with their original date.


If you have any questions regarding a laundry organization's accreditation status, please contact HLAC.


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Important Notice About the HLAC Accreditation Program


An HLAC inspector’s assessment of a provider’s facility and processes for the production of hygienically clean reusable healthcare textiles is based on the integrated requirements, best practices, and guidance from diverse entities adopted by reference in the 2016 HLAC Accreditation Standards. HLAC inspectors are not certified as state or federal surveyors nor should compliance with HLAC Standards be interpreted as state or federal certified compliance with all state or federal regulations.  Neither are HLAC inspectors qualified to certify compliance with local regulations or the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Laundries are typically inspected only once every three years but may be inspected more frequently.  The laundry undertakes to maintain the accreditation standards throughout the three years but HLAC makes no warranties to this effect.  HLAC DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY FOR THE ACTIONS OR OMISSIONS OF PARTICIPATING LAUNDRIES.


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