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This informative webinar addresses what’s new & upcoming, implementation, and answers any questions regarding the release of the 2023 Standards


Infection  Prevention and Healthcare Laundry:  A Compendium



WMSS PharmEcology Managing Pharmaceutical Waste: What Healthcare Laundry Facilities Need to Know



The Value of Accreditation Within the New World of Healthcare Laundry



The Benefits of Laundry Accreditation: An Owner-Operator's Journey from Reluctance to Advocacy

APIC supports the following recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) HICPAC "Guidelines on Environmental Infection Control in Health-care Facilities, 2003:"

G. Laundry and Bedding

V. Microbiologic Sampling of Textiles
A. Do not conduct routine microbiological sampling of clean textiles.



APIC Practice Guidelines Committee (PGC) Position Statement on Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Testing of Reusable Textiles in Healthcare Facilities

Benefits and Advantages of Process Driven Accreditation

Businessworld Magazine HLAC Article

Business World Magazine, an online international magazine, interviewed HLAC President, Rocco Romeo, and HLAC Executive Director, Regina Baras. The article, entitled "HLAC - Leading in Laundry Accreditation" - appeared in Business World's March 2013 issue. See this interesting and informative article on the HLAC website.

This article was written by two HLAC Board Members, Sandra J. Hensley, RN, BSN, MSEM, CIC, and John Scherberger, BS, CHESP. The article was published in the Association for the Healthcare Environment's THE PHOENIX newsletter 2012, Volume 32, Number 2, Quarter 2 on July 2, 2012,

Recommended Practices in the Care of Healthcare Laundry

The Association for periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) released its "Recommended Practices for Surgical Attire" in November. Among the many concepts covered, AORN recommends that surgical attire be commercially laundered by an accredited laundry (Recommendation V). AORN recognizes the benefits that accredited laundries can provide such as following industry standards, routine monitoring of the wash process, regulatory awareness, employee training and more. A downloadable copy of the Recommended Practice can be ordered from AORN. Click here to download the order form (Item #MAN-835A), or visit for more information.

AORN Recommends Accredited Laundries Process Surgical Attire

The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council is offering a free white paper, "Moment of Truth: Proper Airflow Critical to Healthcare Laundries." Now more than ever, healthcare laundries must ensure their facilities are properly designed and engineered to minimize environmental contamination of clean textiles before they are delivered back to healthcare customers. Proper airflow is a primary consideration for any healthcare laundry that seeks to perform at the highest level possible for its healthcare clients. The white paper discusses current indoor airflow standards, examines factors that can disturb proper airflow, and provides resources that can help a laundry effectively monitor and maintain an indoor climate that supports excellence in healthcare textile processing.

"HLAC Announces New White Paper"

Infection Control Today (ICT) magazine has issuedan in-depth report, Trends in Infection Prevention and Control: Healthcare Textiles: Laundry Science and Infection Prevention. This 27-page report closely examines healthcare textiles and laundry from many aspects, including infection prevention, microbiology, industrial hygiene, healthcare economics, and more.HLAC was tapped as a leading expert on the topic and excerpts from the 2006 HLAC Standard are incorporated into the report. Download this comprehensive report from ICT.

In-Depth Special Report Examines Healthcare Textiles

January 2010

American Laundry News

August 2009

Facility Care Magazine: Ask the Experts

March 2009

Facility Care Magazine: Ask the Experts

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