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To its healthcare customer, a laundry with HLAC accreditation possesses a kind of credibility that is instantly recognizable and highly attractive. It’s like a dividend, an advantage or benefit validating for the customer the laundry’s expertise, believability, dependability, reliability and soundness.

The principal benefit to healthcare customers is the knowledge and confidence that their textile provider is meeting the highest standards for processing healthcare textiles in the industry, including strict adherence to federal government regulations and guidelines.

The customer can expect a consistent and smooth flow of clean textiles; and, ultimately, the knowledge of safety for their employees and the end user – the patient.

To the healthcare customer, a laundry’s HLAC accreditation is like a dividend validating the laundry’s expertise, believability, dependability, reliability and soundness.

Factors that add to an HLAC-accredited laundry’s credibility:

Has been inspected and validated by an independent, 3rd party whose standards have been professionally recognized.


The laundry organization managers understand and follow key government mandates for handling, processing, and transporting healthcare textiles. In particular, the laundry organization is following OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard to the letter


The laundry organization is designed and maintained to provide for the health and safety of its personnel and that of the healthcare facilitycustomer – the patient.


The laundry organization personnel, who handle healthcare textiles, areproperly trained.


The laundry organization follows recommended “good industry practices” in its systems, policies, and procedures that will provide the consistent delivery of healthcare textiles in the quality and quantity expected by thecustomer.


The laundry organization is committed to excellence and challenging itself to meet the highest industry standards.

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