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Professionals Working Independently with the Highest of Standards in the Best Interests of the Industry

HLAC was formed in 2005 in response to years of requests from textile professionals for an independent accrediting body that would create a program of certification acknowledging that a laundry organization meets the highest standards for processing textiles.

Today, no current program is as detailed as HLAC’s, or applies to all types of
laundry operations: on premise, co-op and commercial (HLAC is not in competition with, nor does it conflict with any other accrediting organization.)

HLAC’s standards, which have been professionally recognized, cover the complete textile processing cycle, from handling and transporting soiled
healthcare textiles, to in-plant processing and delivery back to the customer.

The standards also cover many basic considerations, such as facility layout,
personnel training and customer service. Special attention has been directed to laundry processes directly related to patient safety and OSHA required practices, including Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Standards.

HLAC has earned a distinguished reputation for the credibility and quality of its standards.

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