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John Smith

John Smith

"I'd be lost without HLAC. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from HLAC. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!"

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

"Thanks for the great service. HLAC is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. I would gladly pay over $600 for HLAC. I wish I would have thought of it first."

Jane Smith

Jane Smith

"I am really satisfied with my HLAC. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free!"

Patient Safety

HLAC-accredited laundries are part of the solution in healthcare’s effort to provide patients with the utmost in safe care.

Quality Improvement


Meeting and maintaining HLAC Accreditation Standards means a laundry has made a commitment to a new level of excellence in the way it processes healthcare textiles.


In the eyes of the healthcare customer, HLAC accreditation is like a dividend
validating a laundry’s expertise, believability, dependability, reliability and



HLAC-accredited laundries have the extra added asset of knowledge that your practices are the industry’s best and most current available.

Competitive Edge


All of the benefits of HLAC accreditation, when combined, give a laundry a competitive edge that enables the laundry to crystallize and communicate those specific qualities that make it different from everyone else in the marketplace.

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